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amazing portfolio site...

Probably the worst person to work with! Would people really buy into arrogance like this?!

Although we all think, we don't pay our own bills!
Saw this the other week. Absolute genius.

To be fair, I bet his 'arrogance' pays off when dealing with small business/clients! He must race through projects because nobody is brave enough to question him.


Junior Member
This guy probably gets more business than most other web designers, mainly because he makes people laugh. Other design websites are just bland, good to see someone doing something different.


Junior Member
Ha, Brilliant !

"I don't have a fax machine anymore. I threw it out in 1991 along with my Joe Bloggs jeans and a double cassette album called Deep Heat."


I think that's the first time I've ever seen a professional website use swear words and still look professional.... some how.

I'd love to think that site gets him a lot of work from clients who aren't arse holes. Maybe someone should ask him. :p