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What is wrong with using a serif font?
It just looks wrong. Maybe it's because the triple B thing is next to is or maybe because you have cursive below, but the logo just looks naff.

I admit I'm pants as design but I know when something looks good and when it doesn't. Keep it simple. Just put your name at the top of the website and let your portfolio sell your design skills.

Paul Murray

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What is wrong with using a serif font?
If you're happy with it, then that's all that matters. We can suggest change after change, but if you're not happy with what we suggest it's pointless. Pick something and move onto marketing your services.


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What is wrong with using a serif font?
Nothing at all. It's just people don't usually associate it with the kind of business you're looking to brand.
There's nothing wrong with wearing a wetsuit, but if you wore it to go shopping instead of underwater diving, it would look out of place.
That's not to say you can't use a serif font, if it suits you and your brand/image you are your own client on this one so go nuts :D


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Sorry. It was not appealing. None of them. Even though you tried a lot. See design by Paul Murray. Very simple but fonts are crisp clear and they are looking not flashy and looking very simple.