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Advice please...


I am a teacher but do some graphic design in my spare time. I produced a piece of work a couple of years ago that got quite a few shares on social media. A local taxi firm has now approached me about using this piece in their advertising. I'd love for this to happen but don't want to get screwed over. The taxi company say they will credit me for my work but I have no experience in dealing with this situation.

Any tips on what I should do?



Staff member
They're taking the p offering credit... it will be super tiny in their 'advert' so won't be of any benefit to you. Money or no use from me as well.

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Book a cab, get dropped off and when they ask you to pay show them the 'Cab Firm Name Rocks' written on the back of your hand, see if that will suffice as payment.