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Accountancy Software for Graphic Designers


Could anyone recommend good accountancy software?

I'm struggling to find anything that will run on a mac and I don't really want to rely on a pay monthly system?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance


Staff member
Dare I say it............... MS Excel?

Depends what you need from the software tbh. Excel works fine for me to keep track of in comings, out goings, quotes etc.. I bought a copy of billings as it was highly recommended but as of yet haven't used it so I don't know if it does what you need
Yep. Freeagent is killer.

I am freelance graphic designer and jump around agencies. FA works great when you only have 5 mins to spare every day.

Best bits:
- Custom invoice design ability (well I find it important!)
- Bank integration
- Auto VAT and Tax calculations
- Time tracking (great for tiny bits of maintenance work or retainer stuff).

Let me know how you get on. I can give you a hand if you struggle.

Give it a shot (disclosure - this is my referral link to Freeagent)

Accounting software, simplified - FreeAgent