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A3 Printing Quote

Hi All,

I have a customer who wants some A3 posters printing but also needs them laminating as they are to go outside.

Could anyone quote for 30 A3 posters printed on 130gsm matt or gloss, laminated and delivered.

Thanks :)

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Lamination will not make the posters weather resistant for outdoor use as the edges are not sealed, water can touch bare paper/card on the edges with lamination, what you need is encapsulation....not something we offer though, sorry.

Thanks for the advice - In that case could anyone quote for the above encapsulated as well as laminated (Customer would now like quotes for both, despite me passing on the above drawbacks of lamination :/)

Hi all,

Thanks for the quotes & advice on here and PM's quotes are with my customer now and I'll hopefully be sending business someone's way :)