A/B test and critique on logo concepts


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Hi All, I'm new to this forum but hear it's a good place to get critique from professionals. I can see from looking around the feedback is on point and coming from pro's. That is what I'm looking to get and give back in return as i start my freelance branding business.

Background on these concepts for context.
• business is for a combination of services to assist young professionals with getting fit physically and mentally.
• customers are college/uni, or new professionals who know coaching will help them get to a higher level of performance in work/school (perhaps sports as secondary)
• service is professional Physical Trainer and Psychologist who coach and prepare programs to help clients overcome all types of mental and physical challenges
• clients are upper middle income bracket
• location is a hipster-driven brand city (to a fault)
• ask away if somethings not clear/conflicting in logo (name is from client, semi fixed?)

• round one presented 9 unique concepts. From that, client provided feedback going in a popular hipster style theme.
• I want/need to appeal to the hipster theme appeal that is so popular, yet have a longer shelf life.
• colours can always change. I'm batting around these options as they follow balance/relax/safe (Greens), optimistic/happy/positive (Oranges), butIm using vintage tones of the hues. But in this market, monotone is the norm.
• these are not finals, just need to get down to the ONE ;)

Quick vote of A or B is much appreciated. Any explanation why or constructive critiques are very welcome!



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I think B is the more complete logo if you're going for hipster/retro, but could still be tweaked, name bigger, outline thinner?

'A' could work with a different font in caps and bigger weights, maybe an outline around the whole?

Both need a better brain image - it has a distinctive shape either from the side or from above.


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Hey Hamish, welcome to GDF. :D

For me, A has a bit of a child like feel rather than Hipster and I don't think the "redefine" works that well in lower case on the curve with such tight kerning.
It feels a bit like a sticker that a kid would get at school for doing well.

B has more of a grown up feel but I do think the text seems a bit small inside the irregular hexagon and the line is a bit too bold.
It might be worth rounding those corners off too.

I tend to find anatomical references a bit of a difficult subject to work with, especially brains and eyes and stuff unless done in a super cute way which isn't really the look for this.

I'd maybe try something more typographical but to make it future proof I wouldn't make it too Hipster as this will date very quickly.


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Hi All, thank you very much for the valuable feedback! @Wardy, definitely correct on the brain images needing work! @scotty some good constructive feedback. @Vincent, thx for the compliments (and cool that you're a 007 fan too haha). I've taken the feedback and made numerous new versions. I have settled on this mix. Here's the updated drafts that I'll put forward to get to a final selection. Then i can really work on the details to get it just right.

• Improved brain images (still need full customization, but these are more 'finished')
• Agree option B is the better option with easier options to all use cases.
• Option A, @scotty, I def hear you on the childish appearance. It's certainly more youth oriented, however, my opinion is that is has a more 'snowboard company' or 'record label' vibe to it. Which i do think is appropriate to the young adult TA. Plus is feels less intimidating.
• there was a call for all caps on the Opt A, but i tried that early on and it's much to heavy and over bearing. I have since tried other fonts that client liked and they just don't work that well imo.
• lightened the boarder on opt b (good call)
• made a version of opt b with more rounded corners
• made versions with less and no iconography (working well also, i feel)
• general evolutions of both versions
• leaving colour out til next round ;)
• solved for how each option can work in full 'emblem' state and simpler text only. Happy they both work.

I guess the question now is: Can these both work? They are using the fonts and overall style that the client likes. I feel these will appeal to the TA too.

Also need to consider hours, I'm doing this at a massive discount to get a good case study to help me with my Branding Company re-launch. Budget is well spent and I need to start working towards a final version (ss you can all understand).

For the record, I like in no order (c, e, f, i, j, k). WHICH IS YOUR FAV?



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P.S. In the first post, no one picked up on the concept of the brain hemispheres using sad lines and going to happy lines. I thought it was clever, it's a subtle (nice to have), obviously lost at a distance or in small reproduction.
Again, want to say thanks for great feedback so far. It is so helpful!


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I’m looking at this on my phone and the brain is just a blob. So the only one that really works is G.

But in isolation I have no idea what ‘Redefine Fitness’ means.


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I quite like d and f, but you need to simplify the brain image, it's far too detailed, and definitely don't bend the bar.
You don't need any colour, it looks more authentic as black and off-white. Show them g as an option anyway, it's fine as it is.

I would do a version with a bigger name, change the font on 'fitness' and make the outer border thinner.

I don't think any of the round ones work, mainly because of that font.


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Hey Wardy, Happy to hear the boxed versions are appealing to you. I really like them too. Many folks have said it's too much and just go with word mark. I am striving to find the most simple (and stylish) way to represent that Redefine Fitness is not a gym, it is a service that provided a personal trainer for you mind and body.