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    Design Heroes project

    Sweet. I like it very much :)
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    God Damn Footer!

    Sorry I mean bottom of the page. I've actually tried using that link you provided chris and never got it to work. I've given up forking out 100 squid to get it repaired :(
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    Personal Logo - Concept

    That looks like a logo for a printing company. Agree with working around your surname, you're lucky to have something that has so much potential for imagery. I'd suggest warping some of the text to look like its melted butter.
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    Twitter Backgrounds, anyone done any?

    If only you could change the colours of the twitter logo for you own personal page.
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    God Damn Footer!

    Hey guys. I've been having problem with coding a footer that stays at the bottom of a page when the text container ends. It's a website I've actually put live now because I can't figure it out, hoping I could fix it along the way to no avail. The link is Ogrish The Movie. If you take a look at...
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    Please rate my portfolio site

    I like it but I would darker the body container - too much contrast between that and the background colour. Also I'm not sure if this is just my screen but the contact link doesnt fit on the same line as the other links. It drops down and starts a new line and looks kinda wrong. But its cool ^^
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    redone my site!

    Websites where I have to scroll right are a big no no :(
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    My new freelance company

    Oh sorry should of said. The video container in there displays our showreel. An animated version of our logo plays once at the start and finished on it at the end. I could....put another logo in there though. I was toying with the idea to put the twitter feed at the top just below the nav text...
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    How did you find Design Forums?

    Was looking for a brand new spanking poster of American Pyscho and saw the awesome designs people made for the book.
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    My new freelance company

    Hey all been planning a new website to help lure in those extra customers. Been working on it for a while now, not quite sure how it's going to be implimented with WordPress quite yet. Tell me what you think. I seriously something interesting for the bottom of the page but I can't think or...
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    Approaching companies

    I just say how the current website it's doing their business justice and how a brand spanking new web 3.0 design could push them in front of their competitors...all the usual horse crap :)
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    I came from nothing © ™

    Tis cool. I'd buy some :)
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    T Shirt design competition

    I seem to agree with Ross above. Theres a heck of a lot of t-shirt websites out there now but then again I do buy **** load of them :)
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    my stop motion

    It's cool but some waves and a surf tune would make it sooo much better :)
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    Howdy All

    Hey guys, I'm a full time Interactive Media student and freelance web designer. I'm always in need of some good places for inspiration and this place looks like a cracker! Cheers!