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God Damn Footer!


Junior Member
Hey guys. I've been having problem with coding a footer that stays at the bottom of a page when the text container ends.

It's a website I've actually put live now because I can't figure it out, hoping I could fix it along the way to no avail. The link is Ogrish The Movie.

If you take a look at the synopsis the footer doesn't end or snap to the bottom of the page window like it should. And all other browsers that ain't firefox when you expand the index page to say height larger than 1000px the footer floats.

I know wafting through my code to see what's the problem could take a long time but anyone got any immediate ideas? Cheers.


Are you making the site in a CMS sort of thing like Wordpress? controlling the footer in CSS is overflow: hidden or something like that to keep it at the bottom :)


Senior Member
That might not be what she (wild guess there) meant, Chris.
But she's (I'm gonna continue calling you she :p) not quite clear on what she does mean though. Do you want your footer to be at the bottom of the window or the bottom of the page? You're kind of contradicting yourself in your post.


Junior Member
Sorry I mean bottom of the page.

I've actually tried using that link you provided chris and never got it to work. I've given up forking out 100 squid to get it repaired :(