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    Log-In Plug-In

    Thanks Tony. I think you can do a lot of it via registration settings to a create general private area but I'll need to allow access to some downloads but not all depending on subscription level/ type which may be slightly more of a faff. I'll take a look into Woo set up though hoping to keep...
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    Log-In Plug-In

    Hi All, Just checking if anyone has any recommendations/ experience with any WordPress plugins for creating a customer area/ log-ins? I've got a fairly straight forward website job in the pipeline, the only complication is a requirement for a login area where customers can download reports...
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    Swf to Screensaver in Mavericks - Is this still possible?

    Don't think this will help as it's PC not mac software but just as incase I've used instantstorm for screensavers from swf files in the past, but these were for output on PCs too.
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    Is being a Sole Trader or Limited company best?

    All good advice. I was freelance for 3 years and now have been set up as a Ltd company for 3 years. If you're starting out or freelancing as a side project there are way more drawbacks then benefits to going Ltd straight off. The real benefit to being Ltd as Sean says is when you're annual net...
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    New Facebook Page!! Thoughts?

    I know this post is old but that is incorrect, best results for Facebook Cover Photos is 851 x315 pixels. You should also note that FB own image compression kicks in for any image over about 100K which can really degrade quality; especially if the cover image uses text, so you're often best to...
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    Finding Work as a Freelancer

    Linked In is a mess currently, they've made loads of changes which really don't help users and I now find myself visiting the site, not knowing quite what I'm there for and leaving. Spent a reasonable amount of time setting up a company profile page a while back and now the main profile pages...
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    Finding Work as a Freelancer

    This is something that is often bandied around as a fact but is it really?. Don't get me wrong social media is a useful tool but its far from a gold mine of potential clients and can be a real time drainer. I don't know how you'd find work via Dribbble, to me the site always has been just a...
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    Finding Work as a Freelancer

    I used to wonder the same thing but never came across any decent sites for freelance project work. If you are available to do onsite work for other agencies/ marketing companies etc then it's worth regularly checking design week, view creatives, the drum. If you don't want agency work then the...
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    hosted PDF viewer?

    Second recommendation for, used it to host digital copies of magazines before and it worked great.
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    Is it meant to be tough starting out?

    Ha, some people do and good luck to them. However it's hard work chasing new clients constantly so just worth bearing in mind the chances of getting regular work when targeting potential client groups.
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    Help with terms and conditions

    AIGA have a good downloadable document that could give you a start. AIGA | AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services
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    Freelancers - taking on sales staff?..

    I've considered this in the past but looking into the figures it's just not feasible. You'd really struggle to find a freelance sales person who can be confident/ knowledgeable enough in the area to get results and to get them working on a commission only basis nigh on impossible. Say they put...
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    Is it meant to be tough starting out?

    It's certainly a long slog and there will be plenty of peaks and troughs along the way. Building a regular client base is something that takes time and from my experience is never something that you finish. When I started out workload was sporadic but as I was doing good work for clients they...
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    Charging for Research & Strategy time

    Hi All, I’ve been doing some business strategy thinking lately and would value the input from you guys, especially those working in an agency environment. I’ve had a few projects recently, mainly centred around branding packages, that I’ve accrued a fair few un-billable hours in the early...
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    The Rise Of The Freelance Designer

    Ha, it does warrant one, need more precise stats though. I'll get on to it :D