Log-In Plug-In


Hi All,

Just checking if anyone has any recommendations/ experience with any WordPress plugins for creating a customer area/ log-ins?

I've got a fairly straight forward website job in the pipeline, the only complication is a requirement for a login area where customers can download reports. I've found a few plug ins that look like they would suffice but mixed ratings so was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

Tony Hardy

Hi Russell,

If you're using Wordpress, I think it can handle it all without a plugin? I know it normally lets people register?

Failing being able to set the permissions and stuff so people can download the reports, why not use Woo and set the permissions up that way? Or give them an access code for it?

Other options exist (BuddyPress) I've not explored it deeply yet so wouldn't know how it would handle your problem.



Thanks Tony. I think you can do a lot of it via registration settings to a create general private area but I'll need to allow access to some downloads but not all depending on subscription level/ type which may be slightly more of a faff.

I'll take a look into Woo set up though hoping to keep it as simple as poss. Think this https://wordpress.org/plugins/customer-area/ may do the trick but need to look into it in more detail.