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    A disgrace to our profession:

    ive entered a couple of contests on 99 designs. I feel its a good way to get material for building up a basic portfolio. It's good practice too. my 2 cents anyway
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    Your Valuable Thoughts

    wordpress might be something i look into but i have no experience with wordpress so i wouldnt know how to link it together. im having trouble putting a contact form in at the moment. it just throughs out all of the div's :/ ignore the bit about the contact form :D who knew missing an end div...
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    Your Valuable Thoughts

    Hi all, im after some critique, ive designed and partially coded my first website and im after some thoughts and advice on the design & layour etc. all input is appreciated. its all very early stage at the moment. :icon_thumbup:
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    Can't code Won't code!

    I have or had this problem, where the thought of coding terrified me. now however, ive taken a few days so far to sit and actually try and learn how to code a design of my own. its quite a fun process if you can get your head round it all, the sense of achievement. im working on my first...
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    CD Cover

    Hi All, could anyone point in the direction of where i could find CD cover templates in .psd format. Thanks
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    Collaboration anyone?

    id be interested in working on something... if im not doing anything i might aswell be doing something constructive :)
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    Would like some advice/critique

    how would you suggest i make it appear more proffesional but still incorporate the bear illustration ?
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    Would like some advice/critique

    well, struggling for a name to go under, i have a nickname amongst friends of "bear" (not of the homosexual variety, the grizzly sort) and my faviourite colour being blue... :icon_smile:
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    Online Portfolio

    awesome, ive been looking at making an online portfolio besides my deviatart one. i think i have some ideas now :)
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    Sold my first logo

    Clever, i like.
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    Really Struggling !

    :icon_cursing: attempting to convert my first psd design to an actual working site and am getting frustrated... ive sat through many tutorials and have picked up alot of basics. going through the motions and once everything seems to be falling into place it all starts slowly falling...
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    Would like some advice/critique

    yeh, at the moment i dont intend print the logo on a black background but am working on a website with that as the main logo. (taking a while as im only just getting to grips with html and css :/ i agree about the top right one if i do say so myself :)
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    Would like some advice/critique

    Hey all, :icon_biggrin: ive been playing around with a few logo designs for myself. i created the bear's face myself from sketch and wanted to use it as i really like it. below is a few examples of different variations i have come up with. all thoughts and ideas welcomed.
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    ta daaaaaa.

    Hi everyone. just thought id make myself known. trying to get myself more work as a graphic designer which id like to take up. a small portfolio of my work can be found here.... BlueBearGFX's deviantART gallery cya'll around :icon_sneaky: