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    What do you see when you close your eyes?

    I think you re you talking about Derren Brown? As I tried some of his tricks to improve my memory before which sound similar to what you say but it didn't help to much. I really did just think it was a memory thing then but am now seeing the bigger picture. I didn't get any further in that...
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    What do you see when you close your eyes?

    Wow, thanks for this Scotty!! I 100% have this pretty bad and never knew, just figured it was the same for everyone. I realized my memory was not up to par but never really put it down to anything except maybe I was partying to hard for to long. I have also done light meditation and hypnotism...
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    Hello from impianaLogo!

    Hi Azri, welcome. Good luck with your feedback, its a tough but experienced crowd around here from what I've seen.
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    Logo and branding design help

    Hi I don't exactly crush the whole branding thing, but I get people come to with some awful names and concepts but I got to make do with it. Try coming up with a name that isn't already being used by a similar business first............ After that I think you will realize how much freedom you...
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    Logo for my personal websites

    Squares are always my last try at binking something unless the idea is awesome from the get go.
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    Extrude you devil!!

    I got it off a client for his logo so I don't really know. He gave me a fair few images to start with and I didn't look at this lettering hard enough You are probably right as its way cleaner than anything I can get in AI. I've given him a hard sell on a chromed effect I have presented...
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    Extrude you devil!!

    Hi Guys, Is anyone managing to get completed round bevel like this in Illustrator? I barely get the bevel halfway to the middle and there is always some demented corner or random happenings. I usually do my best to avoid the extrude and bevel, I find it much less stressful to make my own...
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    Cool Photography

    Oops old thread..... Is that you Shahana Pinky?
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    Cool Photography

    I would love to see OP answer this :D
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    Freelance opportunity sites?

    Sounds like the only decent chance of it working is the way I tried, (through a pal) so I will just keep on down the route I am going for now. In house is not for me, I'm fine right here on my tropical island. Thanks for the reply's. I'm super niched so it didn't really work for me but a...
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    Freelance opportunity sites?

    I think its great that everybody is going about it their own way. Obviously a very good sign...........................................Still waiting for that big project By the way someone mentioned recruitment agency's here which caused me to message a pal, who it turns out only recruits...
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    what to charge for photos

    Man that sucks, since I've been dealing with mostly online clients I've been finding they are way more likely to try these things as its a lot easier without looking you in the eye. Good luck
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    Do you like my first web banner design?

    Hi Peter, I think you mean logo not banner. I like how you tried to make your own lettering, but I would focus on layout and icon design for now.
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    What is wrong with this logo design please critic my work

    Just do all the free trials on the main teaching sites, and if you like one pay for the sub if not move to the next one. I just signed up for skillshare for 3 months for 99c no idea if its got good content though because my internet has been awful, (3rd world problems) but it looks to have. I...