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Extrude you devil!!

Hi Guys,

Is anyone managing to get completed round bevel like this in Illustrator?

I barely get the bevel halfway to the middle and there is always some demented corner or random happenings.

I usually do my best to avoid the extrude and bevel, I find it much less stressful to make my own but this is not so easy to hand make. its fairly full on.


Staff member
If I'm honest that looks like it might have been done in a 3D program rather than AI.... you sure that was done in AI?
I got it off a client for his logo so I don't really know. He gave me a fair few images to start with and I didn't look at this lettering hard enough

You are probably right as its way cleaner than anything I can get in AI.

I've given him a hard sell on a chromed effect I have presented alongside a fairly lame mini bevel.