Your logo makes me barf!

Hi Kev

I know, there is some truly terrible logo design out there that should have never seen the light of day! :icon_biggrin:
comic sans is ok in the right context, same with any font, there are thousands of them but they all belong in the right context ;)
Haha quality. I sent that round people I know and took total credit for finding it sorry. I'll pop you a thanks though to make up for it. And Kev if you make a good design out of comic sans I'll hail you as one of the greats!
Well Andy, I can't say it's the best use of comic sans but I did a charity website for a local preschool a couple of years ago. Their main business font is comic sans (as it's for the kids) and is in the header. Which is why I said in the right context it can work out ok.

I also took their sun logo from a basic embroidered one to the one you see now and also did a vector for their printed signs.
Oh man, these are amazing, (and regarding Comic Sans).

The best, worst logos I have ever seen. Truly stunning. :icon_notworthy:

Comic Sans – I seem to remember years ago creative review had a competition for designers to come up with a stylish use for Comic Sans. I don't think I ever saw the entries for that. Did anyone else? (This is back about 6 years or so I think).