Your Layout/Workspace!


Im just interested to know every graphic designer has there perfect setup!
Mac, Pencils, Sketchpad! COFFEE!
Most of the stuff to get you through a day of design.
I Just want to know what people like to use to get them through there day, all the way down to
a pencil sharpener!

Get writing!:icon_notworthy:
Most important thing, is a belt. I keep my belt on at all times, because my jeans fall down where I've got colour books, car keys, wallet, phone and a tape measures stashed in my pockets. Rumour has it, that the titanic was actually spotted escaping from those jeans.

Then other things on my list: copious amounts of coffee, food, a job sheet so that I can doodle some sketches and finally, a pencil sharpener. :icon_wink:
Desk = Imac G5 and Packard Bell laptop, printer, scanner, phone, a few pens

''Little Messy Table'' = letraset pens, crayons, felts, scissors, clues, different types of paper, card, paints and any other 'crafty/messy/creative' stuff

Shelves = books, books, books, more books...oohh and 4yrs worth of Computer Arts, folder of bits and bobs of leaflets and stuff that I collect...erm erm...another shelf full of weird stuff...rubix cubes and anything colourful

Walls = Posters of anything weird and/or 'graphicy', and one whole wall dedicated to VW Campervans!!

Is anyone else's setup as weird as mine??!!
Maybe we could upload some photos too? ;)


Have added a pic of my workspace for my day-job.

Don't have a pic of my desk at home for freelancing yet - much messier, so I might not bother :p


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I have my MAC, Scanner, Design Book, paper EVERYWHERE ...all types
and... a beany ZIPPPY, ipod shuffle, a cup of tea...
And an anything wise!! :) clever mailers, shinny things... ha ha
oh, I almost forgot, the trusty To Do List!
Things i find which get me through the day are the obvious Mac, laptop pc, sketchpad, books for inspiration, pencils, pens, cup of tea, phone and USB stick. Also a very messy desk! but i don't think that helps!
My desk from left to right:

Deadline chart taped to the desk (with biro sribbles all over it)
Publications Pantone ref chart for the next 12 months taped to the desk (again covered in biro)
A pile of past issues and a media pack
Desk tidy thingy with 6 biros (5 blue 1 black), scissors, paper clips & 2 co-codamol pills
Mac Mini (behind desk tidy)
LG Viewty plugged into the mini (lost the charger)
Process Yellow C Pantone mug (very badly coffee stained)
Small layout pad for doodling ideas
Pad of post-it notes
John Smiths bar runner acting as mouse mat
Some multi purpose wipes
Some more past issues
Some copy waiting forms
And my pencil's fallen on the floor.
We're all too scared. . . your desk is soooooo tidy. I do have a desk - I'll find it soon and put a photo up.
We're all too scared. . . your desk is soooooo tidy. I do have a desk - I'll find it soon and put a photo up.

Haha, I don't actually work there anymore. New desk isn't too messy either though. I'll try and post a pic of my home (freelance) desk and you'll see I'm just as messy as the rest of you ;)

I just keep tidy at work...

Let's see....

We have:

3 pantone mugs (one for coffee, one for water and one for wine)
4 former beer cans that have been co-opted as ashtrays
1 2006 eMac that desperately wants to be replaced by a MacBook Pro
1 sound system, including far too big subwoofer
1 wacom bamboo one tablet
1 full length mirror/to do list
2 diaries (personal/work)
1 advent 4211 netbook
materials for the production of roll up cigarettes
1 wobbly stack of photoshop and illustrator manuals
2 wobbly stacks of dvd boxset cases (currently re-watching season one of Dexter)
1 bottle of Hardy's Cabernet Merlot
Mobile phone
assorted unsorted postcards from my last (indeed, first, holiday)
1 photoshop shortcut sheet

And that, my friends, is that.

Edit: one pissed off girlfriend asking when I'm going to stop working for the evening.
Okey, biting the bullet - my home desk where I do my freelance stuff at it's messiest!

Don't judge :p



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Well my home office below where I am most the week is much tidier than my work office....a tidy workspace a tidy mind and all that....:icon_wink: