Your feedback on artwork needed (pretty please!)

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Hello all

I'm a Graphic Designer but for years now I have also been occasionally working on private illustration/artwork and i wanted (if your willing) to get some feedback from a wide range of different people (eg: not just other designers or artists) on some work i have been producing. This one is black ink on paper, A3 in size and is typical of what I have been working on recently. So your thoughts, likes dislikes on this artwork (link below) would be appreciated as I'm looking into possibly producing some screen prints for sale of this type of work. Let me know your thoughts...

Scribbles/Doodles/Illustrations, whatever you’d like to call them! | Dot Design
I really like it. its very organic and really interesting to look at.

I'd say keep up the good work! :icon_thumbup:
Thanks Pixels Ink much appreciated! I am also interested in anyone who hates it/dislikes it and their reasons why, so don't be shy!
Cheers for the feedback so far.
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Are they supposed to be anything in particular or just abstract? The bright coloured ones would look good on the wall in a modern home but unfortunately not my cup of tea, not too keen on abstract art. For no other reason than I like the image to represent something where I can see what it is.

However, if they start selling like hot cakes and you get famous can I have one anyway? :icon_smile:
Hi Boss

No they are nothing in particular, they are more doodles and I see where they lead rather than planning them out.

Having said that I'm going to be starting work on one that is more pictorial, will post when its finished but it won't be anytime soon.

Even though its not your cup of tea I appreciate your feedback and for taking the time to comment.

Will reserve one for you now for when I get famous (yeah right!) :icon_smile:

Wow i like them... they would make brilliant brushes.... :) the second link didn't work for me... going to find more of your work now