You know when you suddenly realise you've done something stupid....


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In my quest for budget spot UV I came across The prices are good and judging by the residential address, I assumed they are reselling from the continent... hey ho, in for a penny, in for a pound, meets the clients budget so order popped off....

within 12 hours I discovered that this company are in fact reselling for Sense Creative and at this point (and judging by past feedback), I thought I'd just cost myself a couple of hundred!......... BUT!....... bugger me, the cards have come back well ahead of time and print perfect! Compared to the sense creative sample pack that was delivered a few days ago (ordered by Emma, hence how I discovered the connection), I am stunned that the same company could have produced the same work! I can honestly say that had i seen the sample pack before taking a chance and placing the order, I would not have even risked it!

The sample:

The order: