Xmas Slowdown?


Hey Guys, As we are rapidly aproaching xmas, I just wanted to find out of the xmas slowdown phenomenon affected everyone, or if its just my dithering clients who put all there december work back into January
We do purely web stuff and it's slows down to Christmas every year without fail. Come January and the world and their dog want to do something on the web.
I noticed it last year, a lot. Didn't pick up from November through til February. This year though, I've just racked up 3 or 4 new clients in the last week or two, and that should see me through til the New Year at least.
We're hugely busy at this time of year. It's great for business but not for sanity and stress levels.

One of our regular jobs is sending out postal vouchers for a gift voucher company, so you can guess that this gets busy at this time of year.
Because we're quite active in the town, all the hotels and pubs want banners and Christmas promotional material as well as the coffee shops and retailers.

Added to that the fact that we've recently won a few big jobs too, means that there's no slacking.

If only it was spread out through the year I'd be happier, as I'm working every night and at the weekend too. :icon_frown:
Xmas season always dead quiet here, people are too busy trying to wind up for the year, have spent budgets on seasonal offline campaigns, just can't be bothered making decisions etc. It usually picks up towards the end of January for us.