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Hi all, I have a pretty much new Xerox 8870DN printer with lots of paper from purely paper, and a set of inks (magenta needs topping up) I have decided to get rid of for a very reasonable price, if anybody is interested or has any ideas of where I could sell (ebay may not be the solution) can you let me know. I will supply photos and print counts shortly. :icon_smile:
Hey, how much are we talking, or is that more for a private message? My dad has his office at home and he's after a Xerox printer, old or new. He's in the process of searching through suppliers via the internet (cutting out the middle man and that), but I just wanted to ask, will you provide any extras? Just out of curiosity, my dad's old xerox printer used to use toner like crazy and their xerox toner cartridges are the cheapest he's seen and he'd rather buy everything in one place (he plans on buying the cartridges in BULK). Let me know, thanks!