Xara Xtreme Pro5/Websites



Has anyone tried using Xara Xtreme Pro? How about for professional work?

Basically, I've been trying (in vain) to create my own website, to show off some of my print designs, but am hopeless. I've got dreamweaver books etc but just can't seem to get my head round it!

Anyways, I bought the last copy of Digital Arts magazine, and found it had a free trial copy of Xara. I've tried it, and apart from the initial confusion with the strange all-in-one interface, I couldn't believe how easy it was to use. Basically, you design it/lay it out (just as you would design something in Illustrator), and it does all the coding for you and it goes live EXACTLY how you designed it! It offers desktop publishing/vector drawing and image manipulation also.

I'm now considering buying and using this (£180) to create my website, and could offer to do one for friends and families businesses.

I know its not exactly Dreamwearver/Flash, but it might just be what I need!

Has anyone used other cheaper software for this kind of thing? It seems too good to be true!