WYSIWYG Designer Packages???


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Any one know any WYSIWUG designer packages which are open source that can be used to allow website user to create artwork.

If you search my other posts you will find im creating a local newsletter which is distributed to my local area, what im wondering/trying to figure out is....

is there a FREE program out there that would allow users to create an advert (pics colour font etc) online and save the design, this would then be saved as a PDF so i can import into my newsletter in Indesign.

My website i building is wordpress based and i have see the following vid, which is kinda what i mean, which he used google docs / drive (which ill do for local people to send me news/event for the news letter) ...

How To Run A News Site And Newspaper Using WordPress And Google Docs - 10,000 Words

somewhere between this and vistaprint designer etc....

there is a list here of some List of WYSIWYG Web Design Software but dont know what people think or if people have used these?
Ive not taken this project any further yet, however i have seen other sites popping up with online design tools.... so something must be out there
So you expect someone to develop and release a browser based design platform that the end user can access (and save content from) for free?

There are options available, such as www.w3p.com/uk - looks a well engineered solution, looking at it in a bit more detail myself.