Wyke Farms Identity....genius or madness?

I was expecting something much worse, but man, dat bevel!!!

I'm still sceptical of the whole idea of getting people to vote on designs to pic a winner. I see it all the time through Facebook where designs are picked like a popularity contest. The 'designers' who have the most Facebook friends or spam their link across the internet to get votes are shortlisted, rather than actually being picked by the client. But I guess if you don't have a financial commitment to someone's work and can drop them at a moments notice but still retain the ideas, why should you have any real interest in it?

People may pick the designs they like, but in this instance, have they picked a brand that suits the company, stands out on the shelves and going to stand the test of time? Possibly.
Not a fan tbh. it looks like someone added a bevel, didnt like it so started distressing the edges of the text, then got bored so had a go with the blur tool and so on... Allowing laymen on facebook to judge a design competition is a bit like letting Jeremy Clarkson judge a figure skating competition.
I'm going to go against the trend here and say I actually like it! It's an interesting mix of modern contemporary and traditional country, and it really stands out on the shelf mockup - I'd pick it up for a closer look
I'm not convinced by the logo itself as its own entity, but when it's then placed onto the packaging I do quite like it.