We have just built athis website for a removals company, we gave them 3 layouts but they chose a standard layout which we have found difficult to work with. They also wanted a fancy moving video type header which was not our cup of tea either but the customer is always right!!

We now need to promote the website and are at the stage of moving and changing things on the website to see what that brings.

Can you please look at it and give us some ideas..??:icon_cheers: nwremovals

Also, im sure you guys are all using a mac so let me know of browser issues...
On a Mac in Firefox - no issues!

It works fine - as you say the customer is always right (not my cup of tea but it fulfills all the criteria of a good website.

Only thing I spotted was a typo in International header bit. . . you have 'business's" and it should be "businesses" (plural not possessive!)
Thanks for the reply, yours was a nice bit of constuctive criticism but i know I will not get away that easy with some of the vultures on this forum lol

no offence people!!:icon_notworthy:

I checked your website and I suggest the following:

1. The flash aniamtion on the home page takes a while to load so I suggest you add a pre-loader if possible. The animation is very good but takes a bit too long to load.

2. On some of the pages I see the H1 tag and image above contain the same text. Not sure if that is required, simply remove the text form the image example: http://www.nwremovals.com/Commercial/Default.aspx

Apart from this I think the website is good - well done...