WTF do you put on a CV if you're freelance?

Paul Murray

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So, as the title asks, what do you put on your CV if you've only ever worked as a freelancer?

Basically I'm pitching for something, a business-expansion program, but am required to send over a CV as well as the usual portfolio/cover letter. I'm planning on producing a CV that isn't just a bog-standard A4 piece of paper that will hopefully show off some of my skills, but I also want to send over a 'HR-safe' version too that can be put in a plastic sleeve. However, I've never actually written a CV (at least not since way before I started uni) as I was able to stay self employed after I'd graduated.

I have freelance experience in a couple of studios, but the majority of my experience is all working for myself. What would be the best way to show my experience? Perhaps listing notable projects?
Yeah it is a bit of an issue, I haven't got any of my freelance work on my CV yet half of my portfolio is freelance work. Unfortunately unless as you say they are big notable projects, or work for major corporations, freelance working for yourself just doesn't hold much weight on a CV and is more often than not overlooked. This is of course wrong, but that is the narrow mindedness of people in certain position I suppose.

I would concentrate more on your freelance studio experience, as that is kind of like having temporally employment.
Turns out I actually have a fair bit of relevant experience to put on there after all.

I'm still toying with the idea of sending a physical CV/cover letter, but the website explicitly states to email details (presumably for speed of non-relevant application deletion). Would it be seen as wrong to send something physical if they ask just for emailed stuff? If I did send something I'd also email stuff over, just in case my application is sat in a pile on a desk somewhere.
I bet you have posted but it would annoy me if I asked for stuff to be emailed and I get it in post too.
Good thinking - don't you hate it when you ask people to do one thing and then they do something else instead.
Didn't get the position. Didn't even get a chance to interview. The submission deadline was yesterday, but today I was informed they already had a suitable candidate. It stinks of an internal hiring. :(