Writing 'Website Brand Guidelines'



I'm looking at writing a set of guidelines for an e-commerce website I have been working on. This needs to include screengrabs showing dimensions of different elements so that banner dimensions can be identified much more efficiently with already specified figures.

I also need to include the font stack which will include which fonts to use for H1, H2, H3 along with paragraph text.

If anyone has ever written a document they have written that relates to this then I would love hear back from you. I need some inspiration on layouts and basically how to handle this kind of thing. I can seem to find a lot of 'brand guidelines' out there but nothing specifically on how to write a guide for a website.

I can appreciate that the website guidelines may well fall into a companies brand guidelines but I am just looking for info on the web area. Any resources or advice would be fantastic.

Hope this makes sense



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I have done something similar to what you are undertaking in the past and I took a lot of inspiration from brand guidelines. I would include a print screen of a full page - detailing briefly what tags are featured and maybe a very brief guide of font, size and any other properties such as line-height etc within a chat bubble graphic (I know not the technical term) and then on the subsequent pages break down each tag/element with a preview image and then list the exact style properties for it. For example: H1 - image - font-family = x font-size-y.

For layout I used In-design and exported for the client as PDF. I styled it up as a brochure and it was used as a guideline for anyone who would be creating further pages. I would attach a version however i'd imagine there would be copyright infringements.

Hope it's not too late however I thought I’d answer for anyone else having this dilemma...