WOW! Over 750+ members on this forum!

dot design

Bit of a thanks to all on the forum and its members really, can't believe there are over 750 members.

There is some great debates, advice, resources etc to be had here and its you lot that make it this good.
Only wish I was around abit more to join in, but great work everyone!

That said make sure you invite anyone else who might be interested in this busy little design forum.

Cheers to all of us! :icon_cheers:
I 2nd sarah_a's comments. I find this forum to be one of the friendliest I've ever been on and everyone is very helpful. I've always had any problems I've posted sorted by you guys and girls. My thanks to you all.
Since I have just joined so far it's been helpful and it's nice to find a forum that I can discuss what I am interested in :)