Would you go for this job?


Hi All,

I've been looking for a more reliable source of income, and thought I'd apply for a few jobs.
This one however irked me so much that I sent a scathing reply to them. I've omitted any personal information.
Bear in mind that the salary is £22k.

What are your thoughts?


Congratulations on making it to the second stage of your application to the above position for the “Graphic Designer – Glasgow”.
In order to advance yourself in the selection process, we are sending you this email with a test task to help us better understand your skill set.

Test Description
You must create the total branding package. This includes creating an appropriate brand
name, a consistent visual system, and of course a great logo.

What we are looking for:
Starter packaging
Business card

User interface design
Social media post

Starter branding deck

Company Description:
We are a company that makes and distributes German desserts. Our main product is
made with a secret recipe and served in 5-star restaurants across the nation. Our target
Audience is couples. We want to convey a sense of power, while at the same time being

1 week (11th of march)

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in phase 2,
Kindest regards,


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Wow, they don't want much do they?! Apart from the 'stationary' typo which I would pick them up on (though it might be a trick?), I would find out what f### off is in German, stick that
on some packaging and send it back to them.


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Doesn't sound so bad. Except for the wrong spelling of 'Stationary' - which should be Stationery.

That would be my red flag.
They wouldn't tolerate grammar or spelling errors in my CV or portfolio.

It's actually not something I typically care about when looking at CVs or portfolios (due to foreign applicants where English may not be their first language), everyone is entitled to some degree of human error. If the work was high enough quality I'd address it with them - but if the work was below par I'd politely let them know and move to the next candidate.

Nobody is perfect.

As I said it doesn't sound too bad - create a name - create some branding - create some visuals.

All on your own brief and to your own liking.
I'd be looking to create something along what they have in their website - or a similar look and feel so it all ties in.

But these sort of 'tests' are all too common these days - and typically by people that don't know how to discern between portfolio pieces.

You could of course politely ask if the current portfolio is of quality to proceed and explain to them that you are not moving forward with the process due to the time constraints you currently have.

Thank them for their time - and ask that you can be considered for future opportunities.

Otherwise you're burning bridges for no reason.


Thanks guys. I agree with your points and agree that there are various ways to look at it.

One of my issues was that if this was a brief given to a design agency, they would probably charge several thousand to do this. What if these were real jobs and they've given a different brief to each candidate? They'd potentially have thousands of pounds worth of free design work.

I just feel that it's not worth my time with no guarantee of getting further in the process anyway.


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You can lace everything with your watermark on top. And flatten all your images so the watermark is not easily removed.

I had this happen to me - I've said it so many times.
I did posters for a cafe/restaurant type place and sent them low-res A4 with watermarks as proofs.
Never heard back from them - walking by one day, glanced in, my artwork on the wall, blown up to A1 or A0 (can't remember now) with the watermark.

Can't win them all.


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One of my issues was that if this was a brief given to a design agency, they would probably charge several thousand to do this.

Precisely. And potentially weeks of work, specially for a junior designer. Just not realistic at all and possibly dodgy like you say. I wouldn't mind having
to come up with a few rough design ideas and maybe a logo, but there's not enough information in that brief. To have to come up with a brand name yourself
is ridiculous for a start.


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While I wouldn't be prepared to do that amount of 'work' for free, I'd argue with the wage being offered that this is likely being aimed more at people just out of uni or a few years after so they're likely more prepared to do it due to their desperate need to get a foot in the door type of thing.

I also wouldn't be shocked to see a design from this with a real brand name (assuming it isn't already) on the shops a few months after this 'suitability test'


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Well, dodge things that happen out there.

Sad thing is - a tirade at them will not change anything.

If only more people steered clear of these types of 'opportunities'.

Even more reason for the system to be regulated - but that's never going to happen.

You don't see people seeking to hire an accountant without any credentials, and they wouldn't be asked to do a mock book-keeping exercise as part of an interview stage.

Nor would you do this with a plumber/tiler/carpenter.

I know sometimes bakers/chefs etc. are asked to come up with menu ideas or create something in the kitchen as a tester etc.

So maybe it's with the creatives they need to see proof in the pudding.