Would like to get into animation, need general advice on the right Adobe package.


Hi everyone, I'm a Creative Cloud member who predominately uses, illustrator, photoshop, Edge Animate, Muse and. Business Catalyst. I have always wanted to get into animation, (animation as an art form in it's own right as opposed to website animations) and was wondering which Adobe package would anyone recommend? Would love to try stop frame, and vector based, and would love to mix illustration and photography.

This is obviously not an urgent work question, just something I would like to try. :)
After Effect will left you animate files using keyframes and vectors, but I'm not sure it does stop frame. I recall at uni the motion graphics guys used a different product entirely to capture stop frame images from a DSLR, but I'm not sure if this was just personal preference.
Thanks Paul, I downloaded it today from the Cloud, I just need the clients to stop hassling me about websites and logos and then my creative career in animation can get truly underway. Planning a YouTube extravaganza.

Thank you