Would like some advice/critique


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Hey all, :icon_biggrin:

ive been playing around with a few logo designs for myself.

i created the bear's face myself from sketch and wanted to use it as i really like it.

below is a few examples of different variations i have come up with.

all thoughts and ideas welcomed.

Quite like the 1st one on the black background. Sometimes black causes problems when printing because of the dark background, but otherwise quite a friendly logo :icon_smile:
yeh, at the moment i dont intend print the logo on a black background but am working on a website with that as the main logo. (taking a while as im only just getting to grips with html and css :/

i agree about the top right one if i do say so myself :)
I too prefer the one with the bear peeking from behind the lettering, also agree that a black backgorund is a bad idea.
Why blue bear?
Though I really like the bear illustration, very good. G


struggling for a name to go under, i have a nickname amongst friends of "bear" (not of the homosexual variety, the grizzly sort) and my faviourite colour being blue...

This point escaped me as I was concentrating on the name, but I'd agree with Peter it does look abit amateur despite the skill you have for the illustration. the typography isn't working and the colours aren't either, sorry.
It needs to be more professional, unless your designing bears then its spot on!
how would you suggest i make it appear more proffesional but still incorporate the bear illustration ?


I like the bear, but I think it would look better without the blue background. I like the black and white version best, and so I think that you could make the background less intrusive.

Maybe you could find a typeface that stands out a little more.

Hope this helpful

Excuse the previous message, I meant that I didn't like the colour of the bear,it would look better a more bear like colour, and that background should be less intrusive.

Sorry !!!!