Would like everybody's opinion/suggestions



This at the current stage is just an idea, nothing more. But I am considering setting up a magazine that would be devoted to everything design, whether it be websites or logos or anything else. Probably to be published quarterly, or monthly but I think more likely to be quarterly. But I really need to just have a general opinion from designers on here for a couple of things.

If you could respond to these questions I would really appreciate it.

1) Would you want to contribute articles to this magazine?
2) Would you consider advertising in this magazine?
3) Would you consider distributing this magazine?
4) Would you buy this magazine with a rough price of £1.50-£5? (every 3 months)
5) How many pages would you expect this magazine to have?
6) What would you like to see in this magazine, apart from normal articles? (free giveaways etc.)

This may give me a better idea of where to go with this, so any advice or assistance would be appreciated.


1) Yes.
2) No.
3) No.
4) Depends how good it is. Some hard competition out there.
5) No
6) Articles/tips on in-design. It gets overlooked in some magazines.
Oh, sorry.

The number of pages don't tend to be an issue for me. However the page to advert ratio is important. I don't wanna buy a magazine with 5 pages of adverts for every 1 page of magazine goodness.
I think it would be more liekly to be the other way round. 5 pages to one advert, which would probably take a page.