Working with logos


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I've got a task that involves working with a certain logo, and I'm finding it hard to design a background that actually fits in well with it. I've uploaded an example of what the layout looks like:

The logo is similar to the Saab one - dark blue, with red parts, and a rounded rectangular bounding box. Unfortunately I am not allowed to mess around with it too much.

The background must be "fancy" apparently, but whatever I do makes the logo stick out like a sore thumb. Anyone have experience with making backgrounds to go with logos, or have any examples?

Any help is very appreciated :]
Personally i would try something subtle, fancy doesn't necessarily mean garish although this is one of the first things that springs to mind, is this a word your client has used? I'm thinking they mean perhaps they want the background to suggest quality, perhaps elegance?

For example, perhaps a navy blue background with a pattern that is just 10% white thus being only slightly visible on the blue background but creating a little depth. I would keep whatever you use abstract, so nothing too distracting having people look at the background before the logo!

Is the entire blue box the logo or just the circular bit? It's hard to tell...and what's the red square?
Yeah the client used the word "fancy" as their current template looks almost like the one I showed you, simple plain background with the logo at the top. The logo is the entire rectangle blue box, and the red is part of the logo. I didn't want to be too true-to-life, but just to show the colour styling of the logo.

What sort of pattern did you have in mind? I initially tried a vista-aurora style effect but that definitely made the logo stand out even more - in a bad way.