Working with a difficult colour theme


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Hi everyone,

I don't post on here too often but I've always had great responses from members! I was just wondering if anybody has ever had to work with a difficult or strict colour theme? I work as primary creative person for a car finance company called Creditplus and we basically use a pinky purple, a dark blue and a grey (as shown in this image) which was put together by a company who rebranded us before my time.

We're making a new "community" section of the website which is supposed to be fresh and fun and exciting and full of awesome things, but I'm stuck with these colours if I can't find a way to diversify it a little. I'm not great with colour theory or putting together themes, so I was wondering if anybody had any advice or ideas how I can introduce some brighter shades and still keep the brand working?

Thanks, I appreciate any feedback I can get!

Rubine Red is a brighter shade of that magenta.

The other colour looks like Pantone 548 or thereabouts... maybe a pantone 299 would be a secondary to this deeper blue?

Why not try these hex codes

bf006a - rubine red
3e94d2 - pantone 299