Working as a freelance for UK from abroad


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Hi all,

My question is quite simple so I don't want to write too much... :)
For family reasons I'm gonna move abroad. I still have all of my contacts and I'd like to keep working on freelance basis for the companies I'm working with in this period. For most of them I work remotely, this means that being in London, Milan or Beijing doesn't change everything.

What worries me most is the tax declaration. Where am I supposed to pay the taxes for my freelance works? In the UK? In my country? Half and a half?
I'm quite sure that I don't have to pay them twice in both the countries.

Did someone encounter the same problem? How did you do?
Thank you!

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Like Mr Thunder says 'I think'.

You pay you're dues in the place where you are or at least where you're registered.
Not sure how you go on if you're nomadic though.

@Dave does that but I think he just spends all his cash on fancy living and fast chicks.


I have a pal who spent many years working on a luxury yach that sailed all over the word - as it didn't come under the jurisdiction of any one country he wasn't liable to tax...


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Im actually in the same situation myself. I am registered in the UK but have recently moved to France. I just assumed that I would continue paying only UK tax, but Ill have to look into this a bit more.


I think once you have been in a country for 180 days you are liable for tax in that country. I would get some professional advice on this from an accountant before you end up owing money you needn't.
Be aware that in the UK you have a £10,000 personal allowance before you start paying any tax but other countries do not have this. I was looking into moving to Spain and there you are liable for tax on every penny you earn.
Is you move likely to be permanent or are you only going abroad for a limited period?