WORKING ABROAD----- have you done this before?


So has any one worked abroad doing Graphic Design?

If so please share your story with us?

I am interested in working abroad but don't know where? My mind is on somewhere in china at the moment...but just worried about if i can pursue a good career out there.

Your thoughts please??
working abroad

Hi..I have just returned from Thailand after four a teacher, and trying to get some GD work, but is fraught with difficulties.

Thai people (In fact all of South East Asia, including China) care about money - why pay you for example - 40 pound for a logo - when they can get it done for 3 - literally! Asians are very IT savvy - most graphic designers there are also very proficient in many other programmes;DreamWeaver, HTML,Java, CSS, you name it.

Many people don't realise that Graphic Design is a separate entity to web building, not at all related - however, the demand for multi tasking is high, and an employer now wants a multi tasker. Every time I learn a programme - another one comes along that an employer uses - Quark - to Indesign for example, you cant win! Although Quark isnt as widely used in Asia as InDesign.

Seems nowadays - anyone who can use software thinks they are a Graphic Designer - ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE!

There is a lot more to Design than your MAC. When I'm teaching - I literally get out the sketchbooks, scissors, glue, card etc etc....anyway....I'm rambling!
Hope this helps.