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Still needs a lot of work in the graphics but the main focus at the moment has been behind the screen with the scripting. Anyhow enough waffling - all comments, suggestions are all welcome.

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Thanks for showing us your hard work.

I've had a quick look at the working version of the website and I feel that the main thing to consider with the design is giving the site more impact. I think the grey nav bar needs to be a stronger colour (as do the headings on the 'Want More' pods). For this type of website, I'd like to see a fresh, modern approach with clear, simple icons and a heading hierarchy.

I think you need to spend time styling the feed boxes as the colours used here are too random. Develop a colour palette of 3 or 4 colours and use this throughout the site. Think about introducing photography and designing a custom logo. I'm also not a massive fan of using a serif typeface through the site. At the minute the style of the website reminds me of a RSS feed page instead of a slick, modern website that visitors will be attracted to. I also don't see the point of the icons being hidden in the nav bar (surely the point of icons is to make it easier to identify individual areas?)

Sorry if my comments seem a bit harsh - by all means post up a revisions to the design for future feedback.
Harsh , hell no.

A fresh perspective is allways welcome and I must agree that the visible portions of the site need some attention which is why we came here. When we started just getting the 'nuts & bolts' behind the screen to work was the priority challenge, now we need to look at 'web polish' for the want of a better description.

Will be altering the CSS and removing the animation from the menu (was never quite happy with it) over the next week. Some portions are going to need rebuilding entirely, CSS3 was used in the build and sadly IE web browsers don't support this feature just yet which is causing no end of problems with cross browser appearence.
You've aped the style of the Applt site for the top bit, and then not anywhere else. Try and make the whole thing a bit more coherent.