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I am currently a student studying graphic communications and want to do some work experience. Is there anything in the Telford, Shropshire area?


I think your research should start in the phone book or your local business directory or equivalent websites to establish a list of places near you, then you should contact / approach them to find out. You'll have a lot more chance of finding something that way than asking a vague question on a graphic design forum.
I'd take a look at the agencies/studios in your area as Richard mentioned but I'd actually look at the work they produce and create a list of the ones you'd most like to work for and why.

I wouldn't just randomly get in touch to 20+ agencies with the same generic email, I'd tailor an email for each of your favourite agencies briefly explaining why you'd like to work there and asking if they are happy to take you on for a period of time.

They may say no (often just due to them already having a list of placement students coming in), but if you come across as genuinely interested in them then they're more likely to say yes in future than if you'd sent a generic, non-specific email.

Competition can be tough, especially for media industry job placements, and with a new education year starting, even more people are going to start sending out emails asking the exact same thing as you, so you have to be passionate and genuinely want the placement.