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Hey guys

I am utterly useless when it comes to web design, I am starting off slowly by teaching myself Wordpress. I can do the basic stuff, know a tiny amount of CSS etc. but for the life of me I cannot find in the php where I remove "posted byXXXX".

At the moment I am working on the ephoto theme.

Any guidance appreciated.

I'm unfamiliar with the ephoto theme but depending on the theme is could be being generated by a number of different php actions.

For example a common one would be: <?php the_author() ?>
In the default theme that comes with wordpress I think the php is: <?php twentyten_posted_on(); ?>

Simply removing (or commenting out) the relevant function would stop all of the post meta info from being shown.
Thanks for your help. I finally found somebody using that theme who posted the text they added to the CSS and it did the trick :icon_thumbup:
I cannot find in the php where I remove "posted byXXXX".
They're probably language variables. They'll look something like "_POSTED_BY" and "AUTHOR_NAME" in the code. If you can't find them at sight, you'll have to look through your language file to see what they are exactly, it'll be en_US.mo or en_UK.mo in /wp-includes/languages - you'll need something like GNU gettext to read the .mo file.
just search for 'posted by' in your themes folder and then have a look at the source code more closely. If your using dreamweaver, you can search an entire folder. You could either remove it within the php or hide from view with css. If that makes sense?