Wordpress Help!


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Hi All,

I've only just discovered WP! I know a bit late aren't I!

I have been building sites just in HTML for clients and now they all want them built in WP!

Now my question is.

I have their FTP details for their site and I've uploaded a holding page. But from what I can see I need access to their hosting to be able to install WP. Is that correct?

Thanks for your help.
If you have their FTP and have uploaded a holding page you have access to their hosting - don't you? Or if you don't I would just ask the client for their User and password. Depending on who they are with the host may have WP 'installed'. I have to confess that I am talking out of the back of my head here. Though I have set up WP for a couple of people they had started the process themselves or with a previous 'designer'.
You need to know the password for their MySQL database (if they have one, which they need for WP to work). You set the details in the wp-config.php file (name, admin name, password), upload the whole Wordpress folder to wherever, then direct you browser to the /wp-install.php file. If everything is set up correctly, you should get a page that allows you to install WP and set an admin password adjust basic settings before you can log in and go to town.
Or it could depend on what access you have to their hosting account. If you have cpanel access (providing they are using cpanel) you could just use the one click install on cpanel while it does make life easier for installing wordpress the hardcore web programmers would suggest that you download wordpress from the wordpress website and then install it by FTP as has been suggested. But the easier option is the one click install more so if you don't know how to install wordpress. It's all a learning curve really.

Good luck