Word Press have I taken on too much?

Vicky Hughes

New Member
Hello I am new to this forum, I have a question regarding Word-press.

Can i ask some advice of the Graphic/Web Designers on here. I am designing some stationery for a spa in London and they have also asked me to design them a template in word-press for their website.

I have very little experience in this and I have let them know they but they said they still want me to do it if I want to, the thing is I have no idea how to charge for this, or what sort of things I need to know off them, any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Vicky, from what you've said, it sounds like they want a website designing that's built on a content management system, in this case Wordpress. I'd recommend you try and find out exactly what they want/need. It could be that they've specified Wordpress because they've perhaps heard the name and it's association with many popular sites, though in truth it's not the best CMS out there, and can lead to messy code when you try to Frankenstein an existing theme to suit a client's needs.

In either case I'd suggest you look to hire a developer to produce the site for you based on your design, as you would need HTML/CSS, PHP and Wordpress experience. Another option is simply suggest that your client buys a premium theme and uses that. Many have a great number of options you can edit with regards to the design without having to delve into the actual code. Plus it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than hiring a designer + developer to produce a bespoke site.