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I really want to start designing Word Art prints such as attached. What is the best software to use for a beginner (simple to navigate)!


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Don’t look to software as the answer. Knowledge and an understanding of type would be my first port of call. After that, there are a few different software packages you could use. Illustrator. Indesign, Affinty Designer, Affinity Publisher would be the professional choices. I would use illustrator.


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I really want to start designing Word Art prints such as attached. What is the best software to use for a beginner (simple to navigate)!

Pen and paper.
Then scan it.
Then draw it in a vector software package, - Proper vector software like - Illustrator is the industry standard - but there's Inkscape, Affinity Designer would be the proper vector packages.

InDesign is a page layout tool with some vector ability but lacks sufficient vector tools - Publisher is a rival to InDesign.

Highly recommend creating with proper vector software.

There's tonnes of tutorials out there - a lot of them with very bad industry practices - avoid at all costs.
Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) is a really valuable source of correct information to learn whatever software you choose.

Remember - the software doesn't create the designs - you do!
Start with pencil and paper - then and only then - take it to the screen.


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A friend of mine does these. They are all drawn by hand then painted, it's what makes them so unique. She gets orders from all over the world.


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Honestly you can do that image in basically any program that allows you to place text like in the image....some will work better than others. Learning how to do it by hand will be better in the long term though.

Assuming it was to just be done in one size I'd likely use a dtp program, like indesign, affinity publisher or even MS publisher (not for commercial though), for that image because I know all 3 can do it fairly easily. It's basically some scaled/stretch fonts being used for the text and the rest is just setting up the layout etc so it all fits.

If it's going to be scaled to different print sizes then vector is likely the better option overall.


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I've done those before but that were big maps with loads of words and I did it in Illustrator.

It was a total labour of love although I wasn't feeling the love for it whilst I was doing it. ;)

As I recall, I created a grid and dropped in the key words and then filled in around those using the less important ones as fillers.
I'd imaging filling a square would be much easier but just takes a bit of patience.