Woolies Online

Be interesting to see how they get on, personally I think they will struggle against the already established online businesses such as Amazon.
I agree with the Boss Hog TBH. Woolworths was always a place I went to browse, never buy anything. Even with offers they were normally 25-30% more expensive than places like Amazon or eBay.

I wasn't surprised they went out of business for that reason and the fact they had huge premises.
It's gunna be hard for them to start it off, obviously if they're not having stores then products should be cheaper. If they're not they don't stand a chance with the likes of Argos, Amazon, Play, Tesco Direct and on and on. Will be interesting to see what they come up with though.
Well, it really all depends on whether they can be competitive on the pricing front. They certainly have the buying power. ;)
I think they will do fine, they are keeping the trusted "Ladybird" brand of children's clothing, do you know any well known kids clothing brands that are just online? I think its a trusted brand and one of the real selling points of the old on the high street Woolworths.
I also think they will do well online. Not having the costs of all those store properties will allow them to drive costs down I'd imagine.