Wondering if you guys could help me out - designer in need.


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I recently started doing freelance graphic design along with 2 other friends. Things are going well but it has come to attention that as we’re still University students we could use some better equipment, funding this AS a student isn’t the easiest job in the world.

Browsing the internet late at night (as every night) brought me across a website which claims to offer free apple products, doing some research upon it showed it to be legit, and after reading through I Got My Free Item! these forums, I thought I’d give it a go, and so far I’ve received an Apple magic mouse, for very minimal effort.

As I’d like to gain a few more referrals I thought this might be the place to post.
I’ll explain as simple as I Can –
Step 1 – Follow this link and sign up to the website (only takes two ticks) Apple.FreebieJeebies
Step 2 – Complete one of the offers from one of the advertisers, personally I chose a free offer, being Love film 14 day trial (14 day trial, 2 free films with free postage both ways, lovely) But from reading the website building trials are useful aswell. Obviously card information is needed, but you aren’t charged until after the trial is over, which can be cancelled on the 14th day.
Step 3 - Ask your friends and family to try a free trial, by following your referral link (or mine)
Step 4 – gather enough referrals to buy apple or other gadgetry.

Bare in mind, the offers do have to be completed eg. You have to rent a film from love film (free) to complete it.

So… easy steps to watch a film for free, or start the referral game as I am.

Thanks guys, and I’ll let you know how I get on.

It is legit, but I found it incredibly difficult to get enough people to actually go to the bother of following through on the offers so that I could get free stuff. It's kinda like a pyramid scheme.

OP - If you're students, you can get a discount at the Apple Store in the educational bit. Also, the official Apple Refurb store has some excellent bargains, all with the same warranty as new.
I would always be careful with these sort of things and normally if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!!

As Spark Creative mentioned as a Student you can pick up the Student Edition of most software and there are loads of discounts out there for you guys (I wish I was a student again!).