Wireless monitors worth it?


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Thinking of replacing my monitors with wireless ones. It would be nice to not have to connect my laptop every time I get back to the studio but I guess they still need their power cables so won't make my desktop much clearer.
Has anyone on here got one?
Any pros or cons before I buy?
Thanks in advance


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Pros... they're wirelessly connected

Cons.... they're wirelessly connected.... lag, interference can happen. Think wireless 'internet' issues but for videos.


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Thanks Levi - that is some pretty big con!
I saw that it's possible to get a wireless dongle but guess that's got the same issues (just without the same price tag :ROFLMAO:)



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Never choose a wireless monitor. Never ever choose your graphics to be transferred wirelessly, no one wants laggy videos and all. This is 2020 and we use wireless internet with our router and even by using a router we lose some speed. It is impossible to transfer videos with 0 latency. Technology has to be much more improved to do this. For this kind of purpose our processor should be much more upgraded and all.