WIP: Love letter to Apollo

I've always wanted to be an astronaut, but it's a little later now. However, I still love everything to do with space and astronomy - particularly the moon landings.

This is the first in a series of three posters (purely a personal project) that celebrate my sense of wonder at the Apollo missions.

kerning just for kernings sake? I dunno paul what parts do you think need treatment?
I wasn't referring to the kerning, more the actual spacing between the lines. Personally I'd move "TWELVE HUMAN HEARTS" up a bit just to give it a little more importance, and I'd maybe also move "3 days..." up a little to separate it from the list below. There's nothing wrong with what's there at the minute, that's just me :)
I completely get where you're coming from about the letter spacing - but I really wanted the image to be THE thing for this first poster, and for the type to begin right at the bottom of where the circumference of the moon is. Keeping things quite tight below that suited what I was after. (although as I design the other posters in the series I may go back and tweak.)

Thanks for the comments.
I think when all three posters are done, I'll see if there's enough interest. I'd love to get them printed on nice heavy black colourplan stock and printed in gloss white or a metallic silver.