Windows vinyl artwork


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I want to get some artwork created for our windows in our office. Does anybody know what dpi I can get away with for the artwork as it is only going to be viewed from a few meters away.
Hi :)

I'd say somewhere between 100-300, depending on the type of work, size, distance etc. I've not done a lot of this type of work, so someone else will probably have a better idea. Though I can suggest printing a couple of samples off at different resolutions and simply seeing how they look from your proposed distance. Also, ask the people producing the vinyl - they will have had a lot of experience in this area!


Large format inkjet posters can be as low as 75dpi at final size. We run two 60" hp5500 large format printers and two 72" solvent printers.

If it is windo decal then it needs to be in vector.

We can print clear in reverse and backed with white and even form cut to shap which can be applied to the inside of your window.

If they are going up for more than 30 days i would suggest you get solvent or uv stable poster to stop fading.

Depends what type of decals you are after.

You can screenprint/digital print bitmaps onto see-through vinyl and supply a cutter guide.

O,r if you have vector artwork in 1-4 colours the sign makers will cut this out of the vinyl using an adapted plotting machine.
All I can add to this, is that you must ensure there is enough image bleed on the oustide edge of the cutting path, as when it's going through the machine, it will move.
All done and fitted today:

As you can see from the photograph it is done now. I did it at 300dpi. I did have to upscale some of the renders though in photoshop.