Will this put us out of work?


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Hello guys, this is my first post on the forum :)...i'm doing my BA in Graphic Design and was wondering if stuff like this will put us graphic designers out of work, or it is up to us to take these upcoming technologies and utilise it into our workflow?


Thank you for replying to my first ever post in advanced haha
Someone showed me this a while back, and although it's a very advanced bit of kit, there'll always be the need for a human touch.
Yes, this is incredible and will only get better with time and technological advances. It may result in less demand for web designers/developers but it won't put us out of work, we will just adapt and move with the times as we do.
Its the latest move towards Responsive Design. A bit like front end frameworks. I wont solve all the issue, but I could help as a starting point.
I think something like this falls under the banner of templates. I know it's not a template, but the end user or client who requires the outcome isn't the same client that wants/needs to hire a designer, and so they're not our target market. Just like people who claim templates are putting designers out of business. They're only putting the designers who are charging the same as the cost of a template out of business.
Hi aj, this is also my first post/response. Thought i'd chip in here as this has been a very contentious topic at work for almost a month now. I work for a web design agency in Leeds. The general consensus is that there will always be a limit to what programs like thegrid can do. In a competitive business there will always be the demand to offer something unique and therefore a demand for bespoke design. In my experience with automated platforms, when customers start asking for custom work and features that aren't yet available they return back to the humans who can do anything (or almost anything).

My personal opinion is that 'thegrid' is just another design competitor and one you might be able to take advantage of. Is it a very strong competitor? Maybe. Will it make the design industry even tougher? Maybe. Will it wipe out the need for web designers? Never!