Who still uses Quark XPress?


I used Quark XPress for over 10 years but made the switch to InDesign about 4 years ago and haven't looked back. I do however, have thousands of old Quark files that I still have to amend now and again.

How about you (just out of interest)? I'm just talking about the age old Quark vs InDesign debate. :thumb:
Funny you should ask this, I just uninstalled Quark this morning as we have no use for it, not had anything supplied in Quark for years.
Switched across to InDesign about two years or so ago and really prefer it. Last July I had a printer who thought I'd be dealing with Quark but that's about it really.
I just uninstalled Quark this morning as we have no use for it, not had anything supplied in Quark for years.

That's my dilemma too. I've still got Quark 7.5 and can't bring myself to purchasing an update (to use with the latest version of Mac OSX) when I don't really use it now, except for updating old files which I might end up recreating.
Switched to InDesign about 8 or 9 years ago. Bought Quark update (8) about 4 years ago as we had problems with a client's pdfs made in Quark and we couldn't solve the problem. I do occasional work for a print management company who are still using Quark. I still have some files but have noticed odd things happening with pdfs when I've had them printed (as I no longer work at a print company and have to get them done 'out'). Try and recreate all of them now.
Was a Quark user for about 8 years. Made the switch to InDesign about 5 years ago, in which time I think i've opened Quark a grand total of 1 (one) time, which was purely accidental...
Coughed up the 40 odd quid for the Marksware Q2Id plugin to open and convert old quark docs in inddy, bar a few glitches best money i've spent.
Yes, still use Quark where there are still client files that are set up in it, but picking up InDesign for new clients. I find Quark very simple whereas, although there is much commonality with other Adobe products, there are still a lot of features in InDesign that I need to search for. Quite happy with both and don't see a need to be in one camp or another.
I have a copy of InDesign but still work exclusively in Quark for two main reasons:

1. The absence of a compelling reason to make the switch, and
2. I'm too busy/lazy to spend time getting to grips with it.
As soon as I started my current job four years ago I pushed for them to use InDesign instead of Quark. I only had one other designer to convince and it didn't take much convincing when he realised how much easier it would be to do a price guide by copying and pasting out of Excel into tables in InDesign!

We still have Quark installed for one reason only - should anyone want to dig up a piece of literature from before we changed over and make amends, we convert it to InDesign by downsaving to Quark 4 and opening it in InDesign. If we didn't keep all those versions of Quark on the system, we would have to re-create stuff, and that's a time consuming and annoying task.