Which one do you like the best?


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I currently have two final designs for a logo. Which do you prefer? Also, is there anything you think I should change about either of them? To make it easier, the blue logo is 'Logo 1' and the red and black logo is 'Logo 2'.


(P.S. I added the watermarks to them for copyright reasons)

new logo 1.jpgnew logo 2.jpg
Neither of them are really screaming out to me to be honest, for a broadcasting/technology logo the blue logo ' logo 1 ' is quite generic. The red and black logo ' logo 2 ' I'm not massive fan of the letter c from your chosen typeface and the kerning between t & v may need looking at. Can you come up with something more creative and unique to stand out from the crowd?
Ollie - please share the background / concept with us to allow a more detailed recommendation. What is your background also?