Which email platform? Software or service?

Had been using outlook pop account on a PC laptop running Outlook now we've moved over to mac... Mail is clunky and outlook for mac isn't great.... Didn't know if anyone had any other options running email?

We have a few different account for the different areas of our business...

We can't export/import old emails which may be needed from the old machine and this is a pain... How is best to run our emails so in future moving systems etc is easier? Can you buy exchange server space online? Do google offer a service? Can you run through iCloud?

We use Google Apps for Business for all of our email provision. You get 25GB of storage so IMAP is a real option and that means a sensible way of sharing across PCs and other devices. You can also run the Google Apps Sync tool on your old Windows machine (if Outlook 2007 and above) and that will take all of your old emails and upload them to Google mailbox to be migrated onto your shiny new Mac :icon_biggrin:
done it! £3.30 a month... links all devices... great product... not easiest setup but all sorted and linking mac / ipad / iphone great!