Which camera brand is the best?


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A camera is a tool to be used to take a photo, having a good brand of camera doesn't mean you'll take a good picture.

As to which is the best.... Hasselblad probably, they have optional 100MP backs for their camera's and work in medium format... just a shame it's like £40,000 before you even start adding in the lenses.


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I've got a Nikon D7200, love it to bits. Previously had a D80, also a very good camera. Prior to these the Olympus E20 and a 35mm Pentax P30 back in 1985.


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Also about what suits. I have always go on with Pentax, since my old k1000! Have tried others. They just don’t fit, for me. You will now get someone else, saying Nikon are best. Canon are best. Try some and see. Overall though, Levi is bang on. I’ve seen a lot of people with good cameras, produce real crap – and visa versa.


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I have used Nikon Camera, Nikon camera body price is a little bit low but the lens price is a little higher. But Nikon camera can produce good colors.

Clara Sammy

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Well I think there are many camera manufacturers who are using cutting-edge technology for their latest innovation. Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, Hassleblad, Leica..they are the ones I have followed most and they all have a unique thing to offer. For me, you cannot really name one.